Woodland Indians



2 Responses to “Woodland Indians”

  1. Stuart Schoenberger Says:

    I found the pictures of the American Indians to be incredible- well done, with understated accuracy and taste. When I travelled the site, I expected 15mms. They more look like 28’s or large 25’s, if not 54’s. What scale and maufacture? Are these for sale or the glory of exhibition?

    I would love to know how one does a base job like this?

  2. shakespearestudios Says:

    The figures are 28mm woodland Indians from the Perry Miniatures AWI range. Although these figures have already been sold to a collector, there are 20 plus different figures, I can paint them for customers to order.

    My basic basing method is always the same. First I fix the miniature to a suitable base. I then use a hard drying resin, milliput or similar, to bevel the miniatures integral base to the new base to which it has been attached. Once this is dry I undercoat the figure, I always base figures prior to painting them. Once this is dry I use a clear drying wood glue and apply this to the top of the base whilst being careful to avoid any features on the figure such as feet etc. This is then immediately dipped into a tub of fine sand/fine gravel mix. I then tend to leave this overnight before painting the now dry gravel with a dark sand paint. This is then highlighted with 2 progressively lighter tones of the same colour. Foundry Base Sand number 10 A, B and C works well for this. I now re-undercoat the figure where there are splashes and then paint the figure. The figure is then matt varnished. Once this is dry I then use the same clear drying woodglue and apply sparingly in patches to the painted sand. The base is then dipped into a tub of static grass, I use a mix of different shades, and then gently tapped and gently blown on to get rid of any excess. And that is it really. You can get many more effects by applying different types of grass and foliage effect materials. Hope that helps.

    Many thanks for your comments.

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